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Why should I give any money to registered charities?

In a caring society, the more fortunate willingly share with those less privileged in terms of health or economic circumstances. Financial hardship or ill health can strike anyone at any time. It’s good to know that we can get help when we need it, thanks to organizations like the ones the CN Employees’ and Pensioners’ Community Fund supports.

These organizations help to make our community a healthier, more pleasant and humane place to live, work and raise families. By supporting them, we’re also contributing to improving our own lives.

Governments simply don’t have the resources to meet every need that’s out there. This is all the more true today, as governments focus on balancing the books and easing the tax burden. It’s up to individuals like us to make a difference in the areas we care about the most.

How do I make my donation?

There are two options available. You can make a lump-sum contribution by cheque, credit card or cash, or you can donate a specified amount each pay period through payroll deduction.

What’s the advantage of contributing to the Community Fund as opposed to other ways of giving?

First of all, it’s convenient for you. Whether you give a lump sum or sign up for payroll deduction, a single transaction serves to support several individual organizations. Even though your donation to the Fund may support hundreds of organizations, you’ll only have to deal with one receipt at income tax time.

Second, you can be confident that your entire donation (100%) will go straight to the organizations you wish to support. There are no administrative costs because the Fund is run by volunteers and uses services and facilities donated by CN.

Third, the longstanding success of our Community Fund is a source of pride here at CN. When you contribute along with your colleagues, you help to maintain CN’s community and team spirit.

Fourth, your donation is enhanced as all donations directed to the Community Fund and not to a specific organization will be redistributed at the end of the fiscal year prorated to the donations received for each organization

Finally, your donation gives you a chance to win one of the prizes available to all contributors.

I like to donate to the organizations of my own choice. Can I do that through the Community Fund?

Yes. The majority of the organizations supported by the Community Fund are listed on the website. You have the option of dividing your donation among several organizations of your choice. If you select the Community Fund or if you make no selection, your contribution will be distributed to all the organizations shown on the complete list.

If your preferred organizations are on the list, just select your choice along with the amount you wish to donate to each. If they aren’t listed, please complete the on-line form. Direct donations under $300, other than raised from fundraising activities, will be reallocated amongst the other charitable organizations based on the distribution of the pledges made by CN employees and pensioners.


What happens to my payroll deduction if I decide to retire (or bridge) some time next year?

You can continue to contribute through deductions from your pension income. You can change the amount of your donation or terminate your contributions entirely. It’s up to you.

What if I stop working for CN?

Payroll deductions will of course automatically end with your final paycheque. If you wish, however, you can make a lump-sum payment covering all or part of the balance of your pledge, or make any other form of payment you like.

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